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Programs include computer classes, story times, author visits, after school activities, etc.
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Electronic resources

Are we offering the right e-books and databases (Ancestry, for example)?
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E-books, e-magazines, and research databases like Ancestry, Consumer reports, etc.
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Bookmobile *

We provide library materials to homebound patrons at selected senior living commmunities
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How often do you stay awhile, beyond just returning or checking out materials?
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Library computers *

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Library website *

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Children's programming or events *

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Please share anything else that you would like us to know about your experience with the library, ideas, or concerns.

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Focus group

If you'd be willing to participate in a focus group to help improve the library, please email us at or call us at 315-265-7230, or add your contact information here and we'll be in touch.
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